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What is V4A? is a custom designed, and unique digital content delivery platform, that dispenses relevant video and image content ABSOLUTELY FREE to the mass market consumer.


<insert video link here>


How do I connect? is designed to be as easy to use as possible.  When you are in a signal area, simply connect using 3 easy steps.

Step 1)  Find a Wi-Fi signal, using “Settings” on your Wi-Fi enabled device.

Step 2)  Once your device is connected to the Wi-Fi signal, go to your internet browser (Safari, Firefox,                        Google Chrome) and type in the following URL. and click enter.

Step 3) After 10 seconds of preview, a registration window will pop up asking for your personal details.
             Fill in your name, Surname and Cell Phone Number to proceed with the service. And there you have
             it. Hours of free and relevant content to enjoy, for as long as you wish.


Where can I find a V4A HotSpot?


We are working every day to improve and increase our network Across South Africa. Look for us at Schools, Taxi Ranks, Clinics and Hospitals, Taverns and Shebeens and Fast Food outlets. In fact, most public places. Just lookout for the View4All logo, and the service will be there!

How much data does it use?


Connecting to View4All is absolutely free of charge. It will not cost you a single cent in data. As long as you’re connected to the Wi-Fi HotSpot. If you see a yellow banner on top of the page, you are not connected to the Wi-Fi signal, and you need to go back and check your settings.


Is there a limit to what I can watch?


Not at all! You can watch as much as you want, as often as you want as long as you are connected to the View4All Wi-Fi HotSpot.


Can I check my mail, Whatsapp, and Facebook?


Currently, no you cannot. This is how we keep the service free of charge. By using our own form of Wi-Fi, and avoid expensive connection costs. And anyway, You won’t need to because you have access to the best and most relevant content right at your fingertips.


How often is new content loaded?


We regularly update with new and exciting content. So use our service often, there’s always something to watch.


What kinds of things can I expect to see on View4All?


We have everything from education, to cooking to sports, to news and entertainment. If there is something you are wanting to see that we don’t have, why don’t you get in touch with us at


What kind of phone must I have?


The simplest of smartphones will work. If you can connect to a Wi-Fi signal, you can use


Who gets my personal information?


Your information is protected by the POPI act, and doesn’t pass this on to any 3rd party. This means your information is safe and protected.


<insert link to POPI and insert our disclaimer here>



I have some content that I think would be great for View4All. Who do I speak to?


That’s great! We are always searching for fresh new and relevant videos. Please contact us at and lest see if we can develop a relationship.



I am battling to connect. Can you help?


The first thing to try is to move closer to the Wi-Fi signal.

Next, reconnect to the signal through your device settings.

If that doesn’t work, then switch off your cellular data, your device should automatically switch over to a Wi-Fi signal.


I want to see what I watched last week but can’t remember, is there a way to save things I watch?



I want to be told when there is new content. Can I subscribe somewhere?

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